What Every Developer Should Know About Databases

Just like knowing the basics about how operating system works and/or how memory or CPU work, knowing the basics about database internals will, especially a backend developer, make you a more complete and competent programmer. In the video I’m gonna try to go over some basic about database internals and architecture.

What is a Database Kubernetes Operator?

Running databases on Kubernetes is becoming more prevalent with big and small companies running their data workloads on Kubernetes clusters. Arguably, the best way to deploy and run them is with database Kubernetes operators.

Most Useful Book for a Go Programmer?

There are a bunch of good books about Go, but the one I talk about in this video is the most valuable, to learn the language, and as a reference in your daily programming.

I Love Technical Debt

I’m pretty sure we all know what technical debt is, attributed to Ward Cunningham in 1992, it basically states that there is no free lunch. But I love it. It makes us ship things quickly, validate them then refine them later. But it comes with a condition…

System Models in Distributed Systems

The foundation of every algorithm in a distributed system is on what kind of underlining hardware system it will execute on. In practice, nodes (physical or virtual machines) and communication links between them (the physical network layer), can behave in a variety of ways. So for an algorithm to be correct, we need to assume what properties the underlining systems will have.